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I am now offering wholesale options! You can purchase many of my products wholesale via a few different places, including my very own Etsy Wholesale shop. See below for details, and please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at [email protected]!


I offer a number of my PRINTS and STATIONERY via my ETSY WHOLESALE offerings. If you already have an Etsy wholesale account, you can place an order directly. If you do not have an Etsy wholesale account, you can apply for one here.


If you are interested in ordering my Unity or Cat pinback buttons (badges), patches, stickers or magnets wholesale, you can do that at Portland based Badgebomb. Their wholesale application can be found here.


Most of my books and ancillary stationery products are available for wholesale purchase through Hachette. If you don’t already have an account, setting one up is easy! Simply call 1-800-759-0190 and a friendly Hachette representative will walk you through the process.

To place an order, call 1-800- 759-0190 with your account number handy.


A Glorious Freedom: Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives
(Chronicle Book, 2017)
ISBN: 9781452156200
The glory of growing older is the freedom to be more truly ourselves—with age we gain the liberty to pursue bold new endeavors and worry less about what other people think. In this richly illustrated volume, bestselling author and artist Lisa Congdon explores the power of women over the age of forty who are thriving and living life on their own terms. Profiles, interviews, and essays from women—including Vera Wang, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Julia Child, Cheryl Strayed, and many more—who’ve found creative fulfillment and accomplished great things in the second half of their lives are lavishly illustrated and hand-lettered in Congdon’s signature style. The perfect gift for women of all ages, A Glorious Freedomcelebrates extraordinary lives and redefines what it means to gain wisdom and maturity.

Art Inc: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist
(Chronicle Book, 2014)
ISBN: 9781452128269
In this practical guide, professional artist Lisa Congdon reveals the many ways you can earn a living by making art—through illustration, licensing, fine art sales, print sales, teaching, and beyond. Including industry advice from such successful art-world pros as Nikki McClure, Mark Hearld, Paula Scher, and more, Art, Inc. will equip you with the tools—and the confidence—to turn your passion into a profitable business.

Fortune Favors the Brave: 100 Courageous Quotations
(Chronicle Books, 2015)
ISBN: 9781452144108
A treasure trove of inspiring quotations in the tradition of the bestselling Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, this new volume from beloved author and artist Lisa Congdon gathers rousing wisdom from history's great minds on how to be bold, stay strong, and take courage.

The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love For Getting In the Water
(Chronicle Books, 2016)
ISBN: 9781452144139
Dive in! Enter these pages and find yourself immersed—in beautiful images, in fascinating stories, and in the wonders, lessons, and memories that swimming evokes. From Lisa Congdon, bestselling author and illustrator of Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, comes a colorfully illustrated tribute to our universal love for swimming.

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotations Hand-Lettered by Lisa Congdon
(Chronicle Books, 2014)
ISBN: 9781452124834
A quote book like no other, this thought-provoking collection compiles the timeless wisdom of great original minds— from Marie Curie to Stephen King, Joan of Arc to Jack Kerouac, Oscar Wilde to Harriet Tubman—brilliantly hand-lettered by beloved indie artist Lisa Congdon

Tender Buttons: Objects
(Chronicle Books, 2013)
ISBN: 9781452112091
This new edition of Gertrude Steins "Objects" pairs Stein's avant-garde verse with colorful contemporary illustrations by indie art star Lisa Congdon, who illuminates and interrogates the classic Cubist text with visuals as capricious as Stein's own prose. A celebration of independent thinking old and new, this captivating marriage of image and text is a treasure of arts and letters.

20 Ways to Draw a Tulip and 44 Other Fabulous Flowers: A Sketchbooks for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers
(Quarry Books, 2013)
ISBN: 9781592538867
Each spread in this book features 20 inspiring illustrated examples of 45 themes–tulips, roses, dahlias, and much, much more–over 900 drawings, with blank space for you to draw your take on 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip. Presented in the Lisa Congdon’s uniquely creative style, this engaging and motivational practice book provides a new take on the world of sketching, doodling, and designing.

Draw 500 Fabulous Flowers: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designer, and Doodlers
(Quarry Books, 2014)
ISBN: 9781592539918
This cute chunky volume features 500 inspirational illustrations in a perfect small size for drawing on the go! From tulips, orchids, and pansies to roses, daffodils, and honeysuckle, Draw 500 Fabulous Flowers is perfect for illustrators, cartoonists, doodlers, and anyone who loves to sketch.


Birch Forest Flexi Journal
(Chronicle Books, 2009)
ISBN: 9780811867627
As subtle and colorful as an autumn walk in the woods, this journal features a wrap-around landscape painting by Lisa Congdon. (5” x 7”)

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One Notes: 20 Different Notecards & Envelopes
(Chronicle Books, 2015)
ISBN: 781452144108
Featuring a different hand-lettered quotation on every notecard, this boxed set channels the words of some of history's greatest figures to offer an eloquent message for every occasion.

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One Notebook Collection
(Chronicle Books, 2015)
ISBN: 9781452143040
The words of extraordinary minds provide extraordinary inspiration. With quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Oscar Wilde, and Publius Terentius Afer on each cover, these three notebooks invite users to dream big and capture their best ideas.


Lisa’s book A Collection a Day is not available for purchase through Hachette, but you can purchase it directly through Uppercase!

Create your Uppercase wholesale account here: http://uppercasemagazine.com/stockistapplication

Collection A Day: Small Treasure and Curious Things
(UPPERCASE Press, 2011)
ISBN: 9780986650239
Having amassed a curious collection of objects, on January 1, 2010, Lisa Congdon embarked on a year-long project: a daily documentation of arrangements of these items, posted online. With 365 collections, plus peeks into her home and studio, this book has over 400 pages of inspiring content. The book comes packaged in a collector’s tin where you can store your own precious collections.


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