I’m super duper excited to announce that I will be recording two brand new classes for CreativeLive on May 30 and 31. Here are three different ways you can participate in the classes:

  1. Watch one or both classes LIVE as I am recording them FOR FREE on May 30 and 31 (more on how to RSVP below)
  2. Sign up to be part of the LIVE studio audience in Seattle where the classes are being recorded (more on that below)
  3. Watch each class after it’s recorded. They’ll live on the CreativeLive site and you can pay for access to watch them at your leisure. Follow the links below to purchase.

More about the two classes:

  1. Working Successfully with Clients: A Class for Illustrators and Designers: Establishing yourself as a professional illustrator or designer requires a lot of dedication to building skill, brand and visibility. Equally important, yet often underestimated, is the development of client interaction skills. Working with clients takes practice! It’s not easy and it’s not always intuitive. Knowing how to communicate with clients clearly and effectively is a skill that will ultimately set you apart as a professional illustrator. This class is all about learning about perfecting your client communication skills. RSVP, purchase or sign up to be in the studio audience here. (Black RSVP link is up top, and the link to be in the studio audience is below that).
  2. Organization and Time Management for Creatives:You have everything you need to create and implement effective, lasting organizational systems, whether you know it or not. As creatives we’re taught to believe this isn’t true.Do any of these common myths about creatives sound familiar to you?
    • Creatives are inherently disorganized
    • They’ll never get a handle on their workload.
    • They lack the ability to create solid systems for getting things done.

    These false ideas keep so many creatives from even trying to seek better workflows and organization systems, and ultimately bars the creative from doing better work. Not only that, believing these negative perceptions leave so many feeling stressed, scattered and unable to fully capitalize on their artistic strengths. It’s time to shatter these myths and learn to create the systems you need to to your best work as a creative.(Black RSVP link is up top, and the link to be in the studio audience is below that).

I’m very excited about both of these classes and hope you” participate in one or both! If you have any questions about the content of either class, email me at [email protected] If you have any logistical questions about viewing either class or about CreativeLive, email my producer Heather at [email protected]

See you in class!


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